Yoga Glossary
Comprehensive list of yoga terms, meanings, sanskrit words and meanings, sanskrit translations for Hatha, Kundalini, Bikram, Iyengar, Ashtanga plus other forms.
TermMeaning or definition as related to yoga in Sanskrit or another language.
Padafoot; section of a literary work.
Padangusthasanayoga big toe pose.
Padmasanalotus pose - a seated meditative posture
Pancha makarathe five tantric practices : mansa(meat), madhya(wine), matsya(fish), mudra(grain), and maithuna(sexual intercourse)
Pancha tattwathe five elements - earth, water, fire, air and ether
Paramhighest, supreme, God
Paramatmathe supreme atma; God
Parichaya avasthastage of perception of nada
ParighasanaGate Pose
Paripurna NavasanaFull Boat Pose
Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasanayoga revolved half moon pose.
Parivrtta Janu SirsasanaRevolved Head-to-Knee Pose.
Parivrtta MarichyasanaMarichi's Pose III, Seated twist.
Parivrtta ParsvakonasanaRevolved Side Angle Pose.
Parivrtta Surya YantrasanaCompass Pose.
Parivrtta SukhasanaSimple Twist Pose.
Parivrtta TrikonasanaRevolved Triangle Pose.
Parsva BakasanaSide Crane Pose, Side Crow Pose.
ParsvakonasanaSide angle Pose.
ParsvottanasanaIntense Side Stretch Pose, Pyramid Pose.
PasasanaNoose pose.
Paschimottanasanaback stretching pose
Patanjaliauthor of the Yoga Sutras and preacher of the eight-fold (ashtanga) yoga
Payaswini nadienergy channel terminating at the right big toe, between poosha and pingala channels.
Pincha MayurasanaFeathered Peacock Pose, Forearm Stand.
Pingala nadione of the main energy channels running on the right side of the spine from the mooladhara (base) chakra to the ajna chakra in the head by intersecting various chakras on the way.
Plavini pranayamabreathing technique which involves gulping air and swallowing it into the stomach and retaining it
Poornimafull moon night
Prakamyafulfillment of desire
Prakashainner light
Pranavital energy force sustaining life and creation
Pranayamatechnique of breathing and breath control which regulates energy flow and aims at maintaining energy balance.
Prasadan offering usually food to and from the guru or higher power.
Prasarita PadottanasanaStanding Straddle Forward Bend, Wide-Legged Forward Bend.
Pratyaharasense withdrawal; first stage of concentrating on the mind during meditation.
Pravrittinature of the mind.
Prithvi tattwathe earth element.
PriyavadaKindness or agreeable speech.
Puranaeighteen ancient books consisting of legends and mythological narrations dealing with creation, recreation and the genealogies of sages and rulers.
Purushapure consciousness.
Purusharthapurpose of the consciousness, of man's existence- the four basic needs or desires, arth, kaama, dharma, moksha.
PurvottanasanaUpward Plank Pose.

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